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We set up Printer in London because we believe you should get top quality yet affordable printing services quickly whenever the need arises for you. We are the reliable 24 hour print shop in the city of London, in the truest sense. Our offices and print studios remain open every day and every night of very year, even on Saturdays and Sundays as well as Bank holidays. In many cases, all you need do is to explain your print order to us over the phone or just mail us your files and we set the ball rolling on your requirements, at once. As every second can count a lot, especially if you have a looming deadline to meet with your print order, we spare no efforts to avail you with the fastest turnaround time possible in the printing industry. It only takes us an average of 3 hours to get a print order ready and done well, regardless of the quantity or the processes that the job might entail. Many of the print jobs we take on even in the middle of the night are ready before the day break, making our numerous satisfied clients have one less thing to worry about. To further save you precious time, free delivery of your print order is a given in many instances, or in the alternative we quickly arrange a low cost, yet reliable delivery transportation for you. We have also become well known for helping our clients save lots of money too. We ensure that we take steps to work out a quote that does not harm your finances and thus cannot be beaten by other printers.

The Affordable and flexible payment plan

There is a flexible payment plan (including different payment options) on ground for your greater ease as well as generous discount packages and delightful complimentary offers. A strong commitment in always making sure you get great value for every amount you spend with us, contributes to us at Printer in London, be regarded as “the affordable print shop in the city of London”. And with our huge and continuous investments in very advanced digital printing equipment and offset machines, handled by a well trained crew of graphic designers and print technicians, high quality always comes with the territory at Printer in London, the London printer open 24/7. An inexhaustible stock of the finest quality paper, boards, fabrics and other relevant print materials, also goes a long way in helping us provide you with very appealing and highly professional finished printed items, whenever we have the opportunity to serve you at Printer in London. As a complete provider of all printing and allied solutions under one roof, we at Printer in London, the urgent London printer can also be of great service to you, whenever you have the need for:

Urgent and low cost saddle stitch / staple binding done for you in the city of London

This technique of binding is suitable for books, magazines, catalogues, corporate booklets, wall calendars, pamphlets, newsletters, printed programmes of events, encyclopaedias, road maps and more, to confer a neat appearance on the overall document, while keeping the inner pages secure and uniform. Our expert binding team take pride in their craft of pushing a spool of long metal wire through the sheet, in a motion that resembles working with a sewing machine. Through careful technical expertise, the wire ends up not just looking like a staple but also functions as one, and with much greater strength. Once the wire staples are securely in place, we go on to seal the pages, which had already been professionally folded in half, tightly at the centre, with the covers, further enhancing the durability and resilience of the bound document. Trimming of the edges of the document is also undertaken if necessary to further make it neater and more pleasing not just to look at, but to handle as well. Great care is taken to ensure there are no empty pages. The strength conferred by saddle stitching is why we often recommend this binding technique for books, booklets and other printed matter that have to be shipped. We have various promotional and discount offers for publishing companies and writers who require their books and booklets to last for the longest time possible.

saddle stitch / staple binding Service at Printer in London

Saddle stitching by Printer in London, is the most ideal binding technique for any publication with pages from 8 to 92 in number, as they have to be worked on in a folding arrangement of four pages per spread. The covers we select, which are available in many colours are of the sturdy 150 gsm satin or gloss variety or a closely suitable option. Finishing touches like embossing and metallic finishing can also be applied d to the covers, to achieve a professional yet visually appealing overall look. As your convenience is always a top priority, you can bring your materials to us in a digital form and we will print them clearly before going on to preserve them with our saddle stitch binding skills. Materials that have already printed are also gladly accepted by our staff. Again in keeping with our corporate policy of making dealing with us at Printer in London, the affordable London city printer, always pleasure for you, we have no minimum quantity order requirement for our expert saddle stitch binding services. The quality of our finished products always gives us the assurance, that we will definitely be seeing you soon with more orders, while also spreading the word to others about how professional and satisfactory our printing and allied services are. And regardless of the order quantity, from one to one thousand and above, you will get the printed matter, well bound in our unbeatable record time of just a few hours. With us, our same day service is truly that and does not necessarily cost you more. Let us partner with you, at Printer in London, the quick print shop in the city of London, for all your publishing needs with cost effective quality same day saddle/staple stitching.